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    formerly known as HKG LIMITED

    UR Sugar Industries Limited, previously known as HKG Limited, is currently under the proficient leadership of Mr. Lava Ramesh Katti, a dynamic and youthful entrepreneur who brings with him a wealth of experience in effectively managing distillery and co-generation units within the realm of the sugar industry. Guided by a steadfast mission to realize sustainable sugar production, the company is dedicated to creating substantial value not only for the diligent farmers and discerning consumers but also for the invaluable network of business partners.

    In a transformative move during the month of August 2022, Mr. Lava Ramesh Katti assumed the pivotal role of Managing Director, succeeding the esteemed Mr. Yatin Shah. With an enterprising vision, Mr. Katti has already set into motion the intricate process of acquiring land for setting up of greenfield sugar plant with distillery. This strategic undertaking paves the way for the establishment of an innovative and forward-looking sugar production enterprise that is poised to make significant strides in the industry.

    In the years to come, the company has strategic plans to diversify its operations by actively engaging in the procurement, sale, export, and trade of a wide spectrum of raw materials, intermediaries, and derivatives within the realm of sugar and its various by-products. This multifaceted approach not only reflects the company's commitment to expanding its market presence but also underscores its dedication to fostering a robust and dynamic ecosystem within the sugar industry.